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project for cultural decentralization 

What has happened?

Nowadays Ukrainian society has realized a problem of a lack of cultural decentralization in our country: as usual, all big cultural events take place in the capital or two-three others major cities. This situation is this sphere completely differs from existing state of affairs in countries, where traditions of cultural decentralization were formed a long time ago, and valuable cultural events take place in most cities in spite of their population.
This problem has been taken in consideration before: in November 2015 Goethe-Institut placed posters on the streets of Kyiv, Odessa, Buchach, Zmerynka and Dobropillja  that advertised non-existing events. For instance, an International Short Film Festival in Kramatorsk or a huge rock-concert at Dobropillja. Additional information on each poster told that events of this scale don’t take place in cities that are distant from the capital because Ukrainian cultural life is focused in Kyiv and other megacities.

What do we want to do?

Being in partnership with Goethe Institute, a team of KCMD, inspired by successful carrying out the fest, announces the launch of the project of decentralization in the field of contemporary classical music - xContemporary Music Days.
What is xContemporary Music Days?
It is an educational concert platform of contemporary classical music that is aimed to promote cultural decentralization in Ukraine. According to our plan grounds for concerts and lectures of contemporary classical music will appear in the most unexpected places all over the country. Ukrainian musicians as well as guests from other countries will participate there. There are current agreements with performers from the UK, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Poland and Japan. Hence the title X: X component is unknown, town – X.

How are we going to fulfill the project? 

xContemporary Music Days announces the acceptance of applications from individuals or organizations that are willing and consider it possible to organize concerts or lectures in their city. We’ll send them the technical requirements, and if they are done, we’ll move on to planning modern academic music event in their city. Thus the cost of fees, travel and living expenses of performers are paid by the fund of xContemporary Music Days. 
During September 1 - November 30, 2017 scheduled to be held a total of 15 concerts with the participation of Ukrainian musicians all over Ukraine.
Within December 1 - 20, 2017, during the festival Kyiv Contemporary Music Days 5 concerts of invited musicians from Europe will be held in different cities of Ukraine in cooperation with those organizers who will 
perform themselves as reliable partners during September-November.

Any preferences regarding the venue of the concert or lecture?

Absolutely none. We are ready to experimentation. This may be an academic concert hall or art café, library or even village council (not joking).

Whom are we doing this for?

Our target audience are those who are interested in modern classical music like both professionals (students, musicians, composers) and listeners that simply admire it. The success that has been achieved in the festival that took place in December 2015, September and December 2016 proved that the public is showing a huge interest in contemporary classical music. This inspires us to work further.
We’ve talked to so many different organizations and have checked our ideas with them. So now they have already expressed their desire to join the project as organizers in their cities.
However, the cornerstone of xContemporary Music Days is the idea of ​​identifying new sites for concerts of contemporary music in the most unexpected parts of our country.

What is so special about our idea? How should it influence the development of Ukrainian culture? 

The project xContemporary Music Days days is about people taking initiative in their local areas. By its ideology it’s similar to the open source: We give the “code” (high level musicians), and anyone is able “to install” it (organize a concert in your city). Our team believe that this system will significantly extend the number of concerts and lectures of contemporary classical music throughout the country in a short term.
By giving local people the opportunity to express themselves as organizers of concerts of high level musicians in their cities, we hope to show them the power of initiative, give confidence in themselves and in their organizational skills. Just as it happened to us when we voluntarily organized an international festival that consisted of 17 events at 9 sites in Kyiv and Lviv. It took place in Mystetsky Arsenal, Lviv Philharmonie, Goethe Institut, Master Klass, Slovo I Holos Centre, Chocolate House, Kharms Cafe, Ukraine National Music Academy and National Composers Union.
We want to participate in your project. What do we need to do?

Send us an email to kcmd@kcmd.eu with the subject “XCMD” and you’ll get a list of requirements for facilities and some organizational issues in return. It is quite small.
Fill it in, please, and then we’ll contact you for the discussion of our plans. Presumably as a result of our collaboration it will be you to whom the musicians from Germany or Switzerland or Portugal (and beyond on the list) will come in December this year!
We’re looking forward to the cooperation in spreading and promoting new music in our country.
Team of the KCMD.